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Autumn Decorating Ideas  -Say Goodbye To Summer

No one likes to say good bye to the warm, lazy days of summer. School is out, the weather is perfect for grilling or sunbathing and the pool is always calling your name. However, like all good things, summer has to go. But to cheer yourself up, try thinking of some creative autumn decorating ideas so that you can start the new season on a positive note.

Autumn Decorating Ideas -Fall Snowman

Orange, yellow and brown color leaves start replacing the lush green trees and they make the perfect autumn decorating idea theme. One of the cutest things you can do is to make a fall snowman. It may sound like an oxymoron but you can easily make a fall snowman by stacking three different sizes of pumpkins one on top of the other. Just like a regular snowman, stack the biggest one first and then top it with the body and head. Decorate the pumpkin man with hair and facial features and even some clothes if you like it will bring a smile on your face and that of your neighbors and guests too.

Don’t let wreaths and garlands be saved for Christmas alone. Thread fall color leaves and dried corn into unique autumn decorating ideas. You can play with the different colors of dried corn and use twine and ribbon to tie all the pieces together.

Fall Balls

Place a large urn at your front door and fill it with newspapers or other things in the base. Then decorate with 'fall balls'. All you have to do is wrap different plastic fall colored leaves around the foam balls that can be easily found in craft stores. Use different sizes and colors to add a little variety.

Plaques that say "Giving Thanks" or "Be Grateful" can also be neat autumn decorating ideas. They tie in with the Thanksgiving theme and are perfect to use outdoors or indoors. Try to keep these fall decorating ideas versatile so if you do experience excessive rain or earlier than usual snow, you can bring them inside without having to feel like you did not get to use your decorations at all. The pumpkin snowman, the wreath and the urn full of balls can all serve as great autumn outdoor or indoor decorating ideas.