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The BBQ Smoker -What Are The Best

If you are looking to buy the perfect backyard bbq smoker and are confused as to what to get, and how to use wood, with your bbq this article is for you. The reason why most people prefer using bbq smokers is because it cooks your meat and veggies slowly over consistent heat. It would also ensure that the food doesn’t get overcooked, which means that you do not have to stand by the bbq smoker throughout the cooking process.

When it comes to bbq smokers you can typically choose between the two main kinds, namely gas bbq smokers and charcoal bbq smokers. Most would argue that nothing can beat the taste of the meat that is cooked using charcoal bbq smokers. But you need to keep in mind that this type of bbq smoker will also take much more time to cook. Another disadvantage of the charcoal bbq smoker is that it would be quite messy as you would need to get rid of the charcoal once you are done.

Gas bbq smokers usually use propane gas in their smokers. Electric smokers however are now becoming even more popular than the aforementioned two types of smokers, due to convenience. Many people prefer to smoke their meat for the barbecue rather than to grill it. It again comes down to personal choice.

However if you still wish to go for a smoker that uses wood, here are a few types you may want to consider

There are different types of bbq smoker wood that you could choose to go for. You would ideally need to choose your wood based on factors such as the taste that you wish your meat to have, and of course the size of the pit in your bbq smoker.

You will only be able to put in a certain number of logs of bbq smoker wood. Different types of wood are good for different types of meat. If you have an idea of what kind of meat you are going to cook often, it is worth buying the wood in bulk as this would generally cost you much less. Bqq smoker wood such as hickory is known to be ideal for red meats, whereas bbq smoker wood such as that of cherry will provide ham or fish with a sweet succulent taste. There are however certain other types of bbq smoker wood that would work with anything. Remember to always try out different types of wood on different occasions to find out which flavor is most appealing to you.

It is best to read reviews on both bbq smokers and the types of wood before you decide on what you want to get, but remember you will never know til you try it out yourself!