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How to Build a Do It Yourself Pergola

If you want to make your own yard alot more classy and environmentally friendly, then the best thing to do is create a pergola. Not only does it put in a intimate feel to almost any outdoor structure or place, the plants that you can hang and the vines that you could let grow to it can also help in lowering that greenhouse effect that is wreaking havoc to the earth. Here are the guidelines in constructing a do it yourself pergola.

Find the right place to construct your pergola. It is typically an independent framework from your home meaning that it should be able to stand alone. This is the reason in choosing the right area; make sure that there’s going to be area for the pillars.

After selecting the right area for your pergola, it is time to pre-plan where the pillars are going to be. The length of the pillars from each other must be calculated effectively so that it could support the lattice but at the same time, it won’t look like a little house due to too much pillars. It is advisable to have a look at several pergola models and use the pattern that you want as a model

Once you have successfully mapped out the area of the pillars, its time to build the posts in these sites. The post will function as the foundation of the pillar. Begin the process by digging up post holes that ought to be deeper than three feet. Put the posts in the middle of the holes and then pour cement. Allow the cement to dry for a few days and then put the pillars above these posts.

Attach the beams to the pillars securely. Just be sure you already have a beam design in mind prior to attaching one so that you won’t have to rebuild it all over again. Also, make sure that the beams are connected firmly to the pillars so that no matter what happens, the beams will always be connected to the pillars.

The last phase in creating a pergola is picking out the plants or vines that you're going to grow in the beams. Be sure that you have selected your plants carefully by taking important factors into account like the insects that these plants usually draw in.