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Outdoor Holiday Decorating Ideas for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is such a great holiday that people of all ethnicities and age groups enjoy a day to celebrate gratitude and count the blessings they have been bestowed with. In order to decorate the entire house for Thanksgiving, outdoor holiday decorating ideas need not be expensive but your home should be in the holiday mood from the moment people set eyes on it.


Even if someone is not part of your Thanksgiving dinner, the cheer and warmth should spread around. Orange and brown are the most commonly used colors in Thanksgiving outdoor holiday decorating crafts and ideas. This is a great thing if it hasn’t snowed by late November. If the leaves on the trees are coordinating with your outdoor holiday decorating ideas than it is even better. Fall foliage can make the perfect backdrop. People use "Gobble Gobble" turkey door mats and window decorations to mark the holiday and often use pumpkins as decorative art in their front yard.

The pumpkins should not be carved as in Halloween decorations, but just different sizes of pumpkins stacked near one another with some hay and perhaps a scarecrow can enthrall audiences young and old alike.

If the weather where you live is pleasant, you might be looking into outdoor party decorating ideas for Thanksgiving and beyond. While for most of the United States, it is traditionally an indoor holiday surrounded by turkey, stuffing and pie, if the weather allows for it, it can be a mix of an outdoor-indoor party.

Pumpkin Serving Bowls

One outdoor holiday decorating idea for Thanksgiving that is easy and popular is pumpkin bowls. All you need to do is scoop out the seeds from a pumpkin and insert inexpensive dollar store plastic bowls inside. This way guests can be served soup or other items from a pumpkin bowl without it getting messy for anyone.

Don’t Forget The Turkey

Just like Christmas lights, there are also small string lights with pumpkins and turkeys available as neat outdoor holiday decorating ideas . You can string those across your home or balcony if you live in an apartment. Inflatable turkeys are also popular especially in homes that have kids. Set up with a small motor, neighborhood children get a real kick to see an inflated turkey bobbin up and down on a windy November evening.

Even if you are vegetarian and are planning a tofu turkey instead of the traditional bird, the turkey can still be included in your outdoor holiday decorating ideas because whether you eat it not, Thanksgiving without a turkey is like Christmas without Santa!