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Mobile BBQ Smokers -For Traveling Chefs

When summer approaches, there is no better way than spending a day or two out, camping with family or friends. We all need some time to unwind from the strenuous work or school lives and regain our energy.

Barbecues take a special place in our summer vacations. Indeed, even if you can’t find time to travel to a far off area, you can get a little bit close to the splendid summer fun by throwing a well-planned barbecue in your back yard.

Barbecuing can be done in a variety of ways such as braising, baking and smoking. This article discusses mobile bbq smokers that you must own, if you are to organize a summer vacation trip to a pleasant destination.

Smoking is done using charcoal or wood and we are all familiar with the process. It is the heat of the smoke generated by the burning wood/ charcoal (usually burned using propane burners), that cooks the meat or veggies in a slow manner. This adds a great taste to the food. In fact, when we mention the word barbeque, it is that special smoky smell that fills our senses.

Many confuse smoking and grilling when it comes to the use of mobile bbq smokers. Smoking is the ‘slow and low heat’ method, whereas grilling is done comparatively faster. Also, smoking in mobile bbq smokers is done with the smoker lid on, whereas in the grilling method, the meat is left open. Considering hygiene facts, it is quite obvious that smoking is cleaner and since it is done slower, the meat cooks well from the inside.

One of the main concerns in using mobile bbq smokers is the fact that once the lid is closed, smoke builds up inside the system, causing the food to smell and taste fowl. To avoid this, smoke in the mobile bbq smoker must be allowed to circulate freely. New and revolutionary mobile bbq smokers come with the heat diffraction technology that enables excessive smoke to escape the machine without difficulty.

The fireboxes in mobile bbq smokers must be made in such a way that minimum heat is lost during cooking. This saves a lot of energy, thus, money. Also, adjustable thermometers in the mobile bbq smokers, allow the cook to inspect at what level the meat is cooking. In simple terms, modern mobile bbq smokers are very much like portable ovens.

Barbecuing is fun. Many high tech mobile bbq smokers are so safe that you can even teach your kid to smoke a slice or two of meat. They are advantageous over fixed smokers, because they can be moved about and cleaned effectively. A mobile bbq smoker can be purchased for $3000 to $4000.