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Outdoor Fall Decorating Ideas Beyond The Pumpkin

If you are looking for really unique outdoor fall decorating ideas but are sick and tired of the same old pumpkin look no further. There are several other elements of nature that you can use to decorate your home for a change of season.

The simplest idea treasure chest of ideas for outdoor fall decorating is taking a nature walk. Take a basket and some scissors and enjoy a hike in the forest or woods. You will find so many things for decorating like leaves, branches, berries and other shrubs lying in wait for you. All you need is a hot glue gun and some trial and error and voila, you have your own directory of outdoor fall decorating ideas to choose from each year.

Many of the dried pine cones and other such things can last from year to year if you store them well. Air tight plastic containers work best for dried corn and leaves and you can stack them in neatly labeled boxes along with your Christmas, Halloween or Easter d├ęcor.

Outdoor Fall Decorating Ideas -A Change Of Color

Sure burnt orange and brown seem to be the most "in" color during fall but you need not limit yourself to that color palette for your outdoor fall decorating ideas. Dusty pinks, plums and deep shades of burgundy and olive green also look very chic in the fall. Get some raffia from the craft store and make your own wreath or garland with this new and unique color theme. If all the neighbors have the typical pumpkin and scarecrow store-bought paraphernalia, you can stand out by choosing a more subdued but still sophisticated color scheme.

Another pumpkin-free outdoor fall decorating idea theme that catches the fancy of many people is dried cornstalk arrangements. You can get dried Indian cornstalk from many farmers markets and arrange them in multiples of five or ten in varying heights. You can tie them with straw or wire or even ribbon depending on the look you want to achieve.

You can add some greenery to your outdoor fall decorating with ideas from the gardening aisle. While mums are in season during the fall other varieties of plants can also add a little life to dried corn or other dried floral arrangements.

These outdoor fall decorating ideas give you food for thought that there is more to the beautiful harvest season than just pumpkins. Sure, you can add some holiday flair by incorporating some Halloween outdoor decorating ideas too, but that can be towards the end of October. But during September and the beginning of October, try the gourds and plants, the pine cones and the deep color palettes and see how warm and inviting your living space can be.