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Where to Place Outdoor Wind Chimes

Outdoor wind chimes are great for making an area of the home feel welcoming and cheerful. The musical sound created by outdoor wind chimes can help to alleviate a mood or improve the ambience of the area it is placed.

Feng shui is also a great influence in where to put wind chimes. Some people who do not entertain the beliefs connected to feng shui place their outdoor wind chimes where they want them to.

Outdoor Wind Chimes -Gardens And Patios

A large garden will benefit greatly from outdoor wind chimes. Do not limit your imagination by just placing the wind chimes near a doorway or near places where people are bound to sit. You can place wind chimes in trees where people are likely to pass and enjoy the tinkle of the musical sound or near a pond in the garden. Outdoor wind chimes can also be placed near patios to help with the mood and ambiance of the people who will sit here.

Some outdoor wind chimes actually have stands that are high enough to catch the wind. These stands or posts are placed strategically in the garden or near the patio or gazebo. Using wind chimes stands can be better if you have no immediate area to place the chimes on. Some wind chimes for the outdoors are attached to birdhouses or birdfeeders so that these would still create a musical sound as the birds move the house or feeder.


Doorways are the more common places that outdoor wind chimes are placed. Many people like to place outdoor wind chimes near doorways to help lift the mood of people about to enter or leave the place. Chimes made for the outdoors are hung not over the door where they can be hit by the opening and closing of the door but just close to the opening. Door chimes are actually different from outdoor wind chimes because these kinds of chimes are supposed to be hit by the door as it opens and closes. These kinds of chimes are usually made of hardier or sturdier material that sea shells or glass because of the constant contact with the hard door.

Feng Shui Infleunce

There is a bagua that is usually consulted as to where outdoor wind chimes are best placed. There are a lot of things to consider when under the influence of feng shui. It is not considered right to place outdoor wind chimes in the office or work area since these can prove distracting.