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Shining a Light on Patio Decorating Ideas – Tips on Illuminating your Space

Every room inside your home has lighting so you can see at night right? Well, your patio should be treated the same! You should not limit your use of your patio to just the daytime when it can be a great spot after the sun goes down.

Just think of all the options you have at night on your patio. With lighting, you could host an evening dinner or have a party. Your patio is a great place to socialize, so don't let nighttime hinder you from doing so. Here are some patio decorating ideas that should shed some light on the subject:

1) Go tropical and use tiki torches, a popular lighting staple used all around the world. You can choose from a variety of height options when it comes to your lighting needs. Install them around the perimeter of your patio or use them to illuminate the walkways to and from your patio.

2) Lanterns are not only functional but they can be quite attractive and serve as decorations too. You may find old-fashioned ones that use lamp oil which are similar to hurricane lamps or even ones that require candles. These days though, you can find battery-powered options for your lanterns. They are easily found in mass merchandising stores as well as sporting goods outlets.

3) Citronella candles can not only shed some light onto your patio but also protect it (and you) from mosquitoes. When these candles burn, the essence of them is released into the air and mosquitoes don't like the smell. Citronella candles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, for the most part in galvanized tubs that may or may not be painted based on your décor and needs. You can set them on tabletops, stairs or around the perimeter of the patio.

4) Rely on the sun's rays to power up your lights. Among the many patio decorating ideas regarding lighting, solar-powered lights are among the most economical and environmentally friends. They use no electricity and instead harness the sun's energy by day so by night they can shine and light the way. These solar powered lights typically are installed amidst the landscaping or along paths to light the way and are pushed into the ground where you need them. Therefore, you can place them around your patio with ease.

5) Multi-occasion string lights (like Christmas lights) are a great way to light your patio up. You can choose from white light bulbs to colored ones. There are also novelty shapes should you want to inject a little fun and humor into your décor. Some favorites include flamingoes and chili peppers.

6) Luminaries are an old-fashioned yet cool way to light the patio. Basically, you choose your container of choice and fill it with sand, rock or pebbles. Tin cans, glass jars or even paper bags are options. If you choose the bags or cans, you can punch holes in them to create designs. Next, nestle a small candle (tea lights are great) so they cannot become dislodged and set the container on fire. You can place these virtually anywhere you wish!

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