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Pergola Footings: What You Need to Know

Most of the time, folks get so caught up in the thought of setting up a fabulous pergola that they forget about the importance of an effective pergola footing. Even though folks will not be able to see this section of the pergola, people should always keep in mind that a stable pergola footing signifies a stable pergola. That is why if you would like create a pergola that would survive throughout the years; you need to seriously consider the guidelines on how to create a great pergola footing.

There are 2 procedures to form pergola footings. The first is by employing a hardware fixture and the second is by cementing it to the ground.

The hardware fixture is often used when trying to construct a pergola on a deck. It is less complicated to build requires shorter time to finish which is probably the key reason why a lot of people it. However, it also has a number of disadvantages. A vey important drawback is that it is not that dependable particularly if your deck flooring is not that good. It's also shown to be not as much sturdy when employed to construct a pergola on steady ground.

Cementing your pergola footing to the ground will take around 4 days. On the first day, an opening will be drilled or dug out and then the pole will be placed on the middle. When the pole is placed, concrete will be poured all over the hole. It requires the concrete three days to dry up which is what makes it time consuming. However, this really is the most effective way to build a secure pergola footing. Since your pergola footing is cemented down, you can be sure that the pillars of your pergola will be able to endure longer.

When choosing the method that you would like your pergola footing to be designed, do not just consider the period that it will use up. Never forget that making firm pergola footings is not going to simply save you the effort of creating a new one, it can also help you save a lot of money. And so, when deciding, always put stability first and convenience later.