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Sliding Patio Doors

When most homeowners install a patio, the one thing on their list are sliding patio doors to allow for easy exit from the house onto the patio.

Sliding doors offer several advantages over traditional hinged doors, one example is they have a large screen to cover the opening to allow better air flow in the home as well as provide easier access in and out.

They give the room a more expansive feel as well as adding a lot of brightness to the area. There are various types of blinds or curtains specifically designed for sliding glass doors. For added warmth and ease of use vertical blinds are often used.

The locking of your sliding patio doors must be done carefully to ensure the safety and secruity of your home. The locking mechinism on the door should not be the only source of security. For added locking security a stick or dowel placed in the track can keep intruders out.

Choosing Door To Match The House

Most sliding patio doors come complete with the frame, but the trim can be selected to match the trim of other doors and windows in the home. The door itself will obviously be different, but with the right trim work can be made to look like it was planned from the beginning rather than as an afterthought.

The only complaint you may have about your new sliding patio doors will be keeping it free of fingerprints or pawprints. There are several good brands of excellent glass cleaners that don't leave streaks and take of those greasy handprints. When the sun shines on the windows it will reveal every little speck of dirt or handprint.

To keep dust and dirt from collecting in the track it is recommended that it be vacuumed every few days depending on the amount of traffic. Applying some oil every couple of weeks will also keep the slides and rollers moving easily, but always vacuum out the track before oiling to keep the dirt from clumping into a ball, effectively stopping the door from sliding.